National Treasure INUYAMA castle

Nobuyasu ODA, uncle of Nobunaga ODA, built this castle at in 1537, the year Hideyoshi TOYOTOMI was born.
It has another name of “BYAKUTEI castle”, and has the oldest castle tower in Japan and provides a great view from there.

URAKUEN Japanese garden (National Treasure teahouse JOAN)

JOAN is one of the three best teahouses in Japan and shows the atmosphere of Japanese ceremony in its earliest days.

Cormorant fishing on the KISO River

With a tradition of 1300 years, cormorant fishing must move your spirit and make unforgettable memories. More casual day time cormorant fishing is also available.

Open air museum – theme park MEIJI MURA

An open air museum built to save the historical buildings of the MEIJI era (1868-1912) . You can enjoy Japan as it was 100 years ago.

Open air museum – theme park LITTLE WORLD

Houses and villages around the world were moved to or constructed around the park, and you can experience the lives of each country without really going there.

Japan (NIHON) monkey park

The theme park.

OKASHI NO SHIRO (Sweet castle)

A sweets theme park which has the appearance of a western castle. Many cooking courses are prepared like cookie baking and bread making.